I didn’t start cooking until I began dating my now husband.  This is a collection of recipes that are easy to make for beginners, such as myself, who still use directions and are learning to cook.  All of this shit comes from recipes that I have looked up myself on the internet (Epicurious, CookingLight, and MyRecipes etc.), were given to me from diet plans, or were in our box for the week from HelloFresh.  These are the ones that I like to make, have made, and will continue to make for my husband, friends and self so it looks like I know how to do shit.

NOTE: Everything is presented the way I like to cook aka FOR BEGINNERS.  Prep is always put first.  Multi tasking is a joke, so all chopping and mincing is happening in the beginning.  After that it is a matter of throwing things in for the most part.  As for where I first saw the recipe, I always list that in my tags of the post incase you would like to look at that site more.  WORD!